Everything You Should Consider When You Decide to Buy Art

Buying original paintings is not an activity that can simply be done on a whim. There are considerations you need to factor-in before handing over the big bucks to a seller whether it’s in person or online.
Doing so ensures you’ll be walking out of a transaction with the perfect piece of art to stay in your home and family for years to come. With that, I wanted to share 10 things you might want to consider when buying original paintings:
  1. Does the Art Speak to You?
The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure the art fits with your personality, your inner colour and vibrancy. This way you’ll always feel the secure connection with your piece of art.
To know why this is such as important consideration to have; take a look at my other article; “The Secret Benefits Behind Hanging Original Handmade Paintings on Your Wall”.
  1. Is this Something You Can Hang in Your Home? 
This question has a few different aspects to it. For example: will the art match the overall aesthetic of your home? Or, if you have a family home with little ones providing life to the walls, is it appropriate for their eyes in the living room? Ensure that, not only does that art speak to you on a personal level, it is an appropriate match to your home brand.
  1. What are the Reviews of this Artist? 
When you’re viewing art, it’s important to research the artist and their presence in the art world. Consider exhibitions, media exposure, gallerists, museums, appraisers, online reviews and even collectors.
You’ll discover their care, if they provide extra information, if they’re easily contacted, the quality of their work, if they are renowned in the industry and more. So, ensure you research before rushing into a purchase; perhaps even contact your artist to get to know them, first.
  1. Has the Art been Sealed for Protection? 
No matter the medium, if it’s abstract canvas art or a classic oil painting, it needs to be sealed either in archival-grade varnish or acrylic resin. This increases the longevity, makes it easier to clean and ensures you’re buying from an artist with keen love toward their pieces.
  1. Are There Any Hidden Costs? 
Depending on where and who you’re buying your original paintings from, it’s important to factor-in any hidden costs to art-buying culture. Packaging, shipping, insurance, installation, commission, framing, rights, auction fees, importation fees, transaction costs, maintenance, etc.
These are all examples of hidden fees you could encounter when buying art. There are many local artists who may cover some of these costs and other wholesome sellers of original paintings that will help. Yet, these will depend on whether you’re buying online, in person, for commercial use, for personal use, direct from the independent artist, through a third-party shop such as Etsy or even from a gallery like Saatchi or Fine Art America.
Always be sure to talk to the seller so you’re on the same page about extra costs to the process.
  1. Are They Original Paintings?
One of the things you can keep an eye out for is originality. You can drag and drop images into Google to search similar pictures and you can contact the art communities to ensure the stunning piece you’d love on your walls is genuine.
Another avenue to explore would be to take another look at the reviews of the artist and double-check to see if your art will be accompanied by a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.
While originality isn’t necessarily a key importance (when you are looking for a reconstruction of a classic), when you find a piece that brings joy, you want to confirm it’s coming direct from the artist to support their efforts.
  1. Do You Know How You’ll Be Framing the Abstract Canvas Art?
When you buy commission for original paintings, you need to think about framing. The price, the look, the size and the hang. For example: if you are buying an acrylic painting, the 3D aspect of the paint will mean having a clear encasement will create too much glare and take away from the story of the piece. 
For some framing ideas around your home, read my article; “Fun and Unique Ways to Frame Art in Your Home”.
  1. Have You Looked Around Before Deciding? 
There really is no need to rush. Art is fluid; amazing pieces will come and go around the market and your artist can create commissions. When you’re on the prowl for the extension of you in the form of brush strokes, you need to cover the grounds. Street markets, online stores, independent artist websites, museums, galleries, auctions, illustration artist sites and more; look and feel the magnetisation.
  1. Are You Sure on the Size?
Sometimes, online buying of abstract canvas art and other mediums can be deceiving on the size. Often arriving as though it’s shrunk in the wash or finding it too big to fit on the wall. Check the dimensions of the art and your wall and work from there.
  1. Do You Believe the Price Tag Matches the Creation? 
Finally:  a very important consideration. If the art truly speaks to you and you have the funds for the piece, then you need to go for it. Hang it on your wall and extenuate your personality to anyone who will see it.
However, it’s important to be aware that the price doesn’t always justify or define the art piece. Nor do the trends at the time; it’s the time, work and love that went into the piece atop the joy you know it will bring you.
To find out more about knowing which piece of art will call out to you, have a look at my other article; “Modern Art and Finding the Piece that Speaks to You”.
I hope these tips and considerations for buying your new abstract canvas art have been useful in your journey to adorn your walls. Let me know which tip was most useful to you and what else you’d like to learn from a London artist!
  • I’m renovating my living room next week, and I was thinking of putting up paintings on the wall to add to the aesthetic and appeal of the room. It’s good that you mentioned how it would be best to not only choose art that speaks to you on a personal level but also consider if it’s an appropriate match to your home brand and the overall aesthetic of your house. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind while I look for fine art paintings for sale.

    Anna Collins on
  • I love when you said that the first thing you have to do is to ensure that the art suits your inner color and vibrancy, and also your personality. My mother told me that she wants to add paintings to each area of our room since she loves art seriously. I will make sure to tell her she should find a trusted gallery to buy art paintings.

    Eliza Harding on

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