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About Madhav Fine Art


“I paint intuitively and derive inspiration from the elements of the environment and from nature.”  


As one of the most popular online art galleries for original abstract art and modern paintings, the Madhav Fine Art gallery is a marvel to the eye of the art lover. Using every moment of life to create a new stroke on the canvas, there are no two pieces of large wall art the same. 


The Introduction to Madhav Fine Art


With no two pieces sharing the same brushstroke, the art of Madhav as a contemporary abstract artist drives one-of-a-kind pleasure.

Madhav Fine Art is the gallery of self-taught, self-representing artist, Madhav Singh. Demonstrating over 10 years of devotion to exploring his artistic talents in abstract realities, he brings large wall art to the foyer. Each canvas features high-quality, original and hand-painted expressions inspired by the hidden memories of Madhav and those around him.

These paintings adorn the walls of numerous art collectors throughout the UK and around the world. Currently, outside private appreciation of these canvas pieces, the Madhav Fine Art collection is exhibited on the digital walls of galleries and marketplaces for global communities to experience.

During which, the process is protected by secure and familiar payment options to suit you through your online art buying experience.

And it’s a freedom within each of the five depictions of Madhav’s large wall art:

Abstract Art Paintings - Madhav Fine Art           Landscape Art Paintings - Madhav Fine Art           Cityscape Art Paintings - Madhav Fine Art           Seascape Art Paintings - Madhav Fine Art           Music Art Paintings - Madhav Fine Art


The Contemporary Abstract Artist Behind the Paintbrush

Madhav (Artist - Madhav Fine Art)

“I love using diverse palettes of colour to bring life, literal feeling and vibrancy to my artwork.”


Based in the UK, you may see the canvas stretches beyond his experiences and memoirs. Madhav is a soul originally from India, only having moved to the UK in 2009 to pursue higher education and breathe new air into the acrylic painting.

As a self-taught artist, his passions derive from being surrounded by colourful in his heritage armour. Through the maternal family line, Madhav spent his childhood watching those around him work their vocation through the medium of canvas painting. With this, he is grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy while following his heart and passion.

The artist, Madhav, prides in his role as an intuitive painter who absorbs inspiration through the elements of nature. Meaning his large wall art expresses both that of rural and urban setting. To do so, he layers mixed media techniques featuring transparent pigments of acrylic for depth of vibrant colour.

In flow, there is no thinking, just introspective exploration that becomes a canvas of memoirs. Meaning every painting is released with a corresponding energy, mood, expression and name.


“My goal as an artist is to convey the joy of life through art. Life is only as colourful, beautiful and meaningful as we create it, and I see canvas as a tool for transferring passion from my art studio to new beginnings.”


The Service of Madhav Fine Art


Madhav Fine Art specialises in creating large wall art and abstract canvases that make for eye-catching statement pieces, bound to become conversational elements.


With this, all art pieces from this contemporary abstract artist will carry the following story:

  • High-quality canvas material
  • Signature-adorned face to the painting
  • A signature, date and title on the back
  • Presentation of the Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)
  • Acrylic and mixed medium
  • Varnishing layer for both shine, protection and longevity
  • Lasting vibrancy in any light or temperature situation
  • Gallery-grade finishes to each authentic piece
  • Meticulous checking prior to shipment
  • Professional packaging in custom-made tubular boxes
  • Complimentary worldwide express shipping
  • The use of leading couriers across the world
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A simple 14-day returns and exchanges process


Artwork Commissions from Madhav Fine Art


With a palette knife and brush in-hand, limits are ephemeral. The contemporary abstract artist, Madhav, expands his integrity in the paint by exploring new techniques and qualities.

He tests, he applies, he develops and he achieves renewed exposition.

Art collecting, and art admiration isn’t always something that can be done through replication; it requires personal connection. That’s why Madhav Fine Art is a gallery open to commissions for those who can’t find the exact brushstroke they’re looking for. While the existing art gallery boasts a variety of designs, there is opportunity to apply new layers of acrylic to create something for everyone and in every abstract variety.

Art is about freedom and Madhav Fine Art takes pride in the exceptional customer service. Of which, is provided through the freedom of size, colour, style and bespoke personality in a commission.

That’s why the Madhav Fine Art online gallery is always open for you to contact; whether it’s a query or a new topic of creative discussion, the contact form is a simple click away.


“I try to impart more than just colour to match your décor; my theory is that, when you surround yourself with the positive energy of the canvas, it will project onto you and those who share your space.”


The Further Reading of Madhav Fine Art


Madhav Singh’s fine art is not the only canvas of creative value, here. His expertise is painted into the digital blog and online library featuring everything you need to know about the art world. Whether it’s discovering new ways to feature a statement in your home or exploring the contours of the canvas to find which one truly expresses your inner persona.

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