Commission Artwork (made to order/custom painting)

Can’t quite find the perfect piece for that space above the fireplace? Looking for a personalised centrepiece for your office? Or maybe an artwork has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered !

Commissioning artwork allows you to choose the subject matter, colours, style, dimensions of a piece. Commissioning art is a fun and interactive way of purchasing and personalising art. The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a custom/bespoke piece of artwork.

Commissioning an art is a highly personal process between you and the artist so we will help to guide you along the whole process to create something specifically to fit your requirements and budget.


How it works

Step 1: Send us your ideas, examples, sizes, colours, subjects, etc - as much information as you can. Please use the form below. You can even upload images for inspiration and give us a better idea.

Step 2: We will then contact you and discuss your requirements. There is no obligation at this stage.

Step 3: Once all the details are confirmed, we will send you the invoice for you to make the payment and confirm your order. 

Step 4: In the process of creating an artwork, we will show you photos and videos of your commissioned work for review and approval. You'll be able to request any changes or amendments as you wish. Please be assured your artwork will only be sent after you have confirmed and completely happy with your commission. 




Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1) How long will it take?

Timescales for commission vary depending on the size of the artwork and customization and we will discuss this with you. Throughout the process of creating an artwork, we will also keep you informed of how the commission is progressing. 

2) How much will it cost?

Commissioned artwork usually cost more than an original piece of artwork. This is due to the process and time it takes to create something which is made to order/custom especially for you. However what you gain from it is a unique and personal piece which is priceless. 

3) How do I pay for a commissioned artwork?

Once all the requirements are understood and we have agreed to take on your commission, we will send you the invoice for you to make the payment and confirm your order. We accept popular credit card and other payment methods and offer smooth checkout experiences.

4) What if I don't like the final piece? 

Fear not, this is highly unlikely to happen. We carry out a number of thorough consultations with you and before the commission begins, there is total communication and thorough understanding of what you want is established.  Think it this way if you enjoy the artist’s work, it is unlikely they will do anything but true justice to your piece.

5) Can I return a commissioned artwork?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns of commissioned artworks due to being made to order/custom-made to your specific requirements.

6) What if I want to change something?

Throughout the artwork creation process, we will keep you informed of the progress of the work. We will also share photos and videos for your review and feedback. You will be able to request any changes or amendments as you wish. The artwork will only be sent after your confirmation so please be assured.