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Madhav has opened a world of abstract art through the acrylic medium to tell us narratives of history, nature and expression through all its pigmented glory.

Using his past and heritage in artistic design, he brings us each a large wall painting bound to converse on a deeper level and expose meaning within the room it adorns. Born in India, travelling across the world and currently residing in London, each of Madhav's acrylic paintings ignites a unique story and passion behind it. Which you can learn for yourself with the online Madhav Fine Art Gallery. You can also contact us to find out more about our upcoming events.

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As one of the most popular online contemporary art galleries in the area, we offer an extensive collection of original abstract art and modern paintings. The Madhav Fine Art gallery and studio is something of beauty, a marvel to the eye of the art lover. Using every moment of life to create a new stroke on the canvas, there are no two pieces of large wall art the same. At Madhav Fine Art the creation of images is inspired by many things, developing contemporary art by fine artists. We also offer personalised fine art work.

You can visit our website as well as check out our exhibitions and workshops, when it comes to contemporary art and fine art pieces, take a look at Madhav Fine Art today.

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Discover the top selling art pieces of the week to collectors around the world. Whether it's commissioned excellence or stunning recomposition of favoured art-scapes, the artist Madhav will bring quality, care and passionate brushstrokes to the canvas for you to explore.

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At the Madhav Fine Art Gallery, you'll find your large wall painting shares one culture of the five pillars of Madhav's inspiration. The first, Abstract, is the pinnacle of all his textured waves of paint on the canvas. The second, Landscape, defines situational charge for escapism. The third, Cityscapes, halo's the hustle of life as a growing entity of architecture. The fourth, Seascape, truly lets us feel the breeze, hear the waves and touch the flow of blue with other oceanic elements. Finally, the fifth, Musical, draws inspiration from neighbouring creativity in Madhav's love for acoustic jazz.
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Artwork is something to be appreciated from every direction the light hits the textured large wall painting. This includes the theory behind it and finding magnetism toward specific artistic cultures. Read the words of the artist, Madhav, in his blog to unveil the news and inspirational value behind the brushstrokes.