Abstract Art

Browse for your timeless textured abstract painting through the online gallery of London-based artist Madhav. Where original brushstrokes meet canvas. 

The artist, Madhav, brings abstract art to the gallery as a tool for creating unique narratives beyond reality. Making each abstract canvas painting a textured element filled with colours of peculiarity. Adding a whisper of wanderlust through vibrant interpretation.


The artist, Madhav, brings a level of creative authenticity to the abstract canvas painting that cannot be surpassed. His surreal abstract art is uniquely created with a generational passion from the moment the brush touches the canvas. Madhav uses varying levels of acrylic elements and techniques to create and draw the viewer into each abstract art piece.

This textured abstract painting, once placed on the wall, mesmerises. Doing so as the light plays across the canvas from different perspectives throughout the day. From the moment you receive your painting, you’ll be transfixed. From both close and afar, into the world of the abstract canvas painting that can only be from Madhav Fine Art Gallery.

Each piece is distinctively touched with unique introspective intuition with its structured space and strong composition, which can only be appreciated in person. The play of the colour transitioning across the canvas brings meaning and new insights as you enjoy its presence. With each new angle highlighting the dynamic balance of cools and warms, the piece will become more tantalizing. And you’ll become fascinated by each passing moment. In fact, it's only with time will you be invited to see new narratives of acrylic dance across the canvas.
The online gallery offers the finest pieces of textured abstract art. All from the distinctive world of Madhav Singh for the most discerning clientele. Each piece has a sophisticated colour sensitivity, drawing the eye to its strong focal point with the variety of colours, accents and line work.



The Madhav Fine Art online gallery brings exquisite abstract art to your personal environment. Not only this, but it also brings a new canvas of artistic thinking. Using Madhav’s blog, you can explore new avenues of art appreciation to begin discovering through abstract words: