The Secret Benefits Behind Hanging Original Handmade Paintings on Your Wall

Adorning your wall with a large canvas will always be accompanied by a wave of happiness. Where the happiness is an extension of both your feelings toward the painting and your seemingly good DIY skills of hanging it up.

Each painting will have its own design, its own expression and its own unique story. Especially in the case of original handmade paintings. So, every painting will source its own benefit to your home.
Aside from the usual benefits to hanging a large canvas such as looking pretty, there are many more benefits you’ll reap as an art owner with a stunning visual masterpiece welcoming you into a room.
As an artist, myself, I wanted to share some of the secret benefits I have unearthed from hanging original handmade paintings around my home and upon the walls of those I love.

  1. Is a House Really a Home When Your Loved Ones Is Gone? 
Thank you to Diddy for these poignant lyrics (apologies for the bad grammar), his question might have some weight.
You don’t simply have art to make a place look nice. Not when it comes to a masterpiece or original handmade paintings. If we think about it, we love them.
As a large canvas is hung onto a wall, be it in the living room, hallway, bedroom, study or any other room, it makes it feel more homely. You feel more welcomed into the space and it brings through a sense of self-expression.
So, when you hang wall art: you are making a house a home.
  1. A Large Canvas Can Be an Explosion of Personality
When you’re choosing an abstract acrylic or classic watercolour, there will be specific elements that drive you to make it yours. You choose unique colour-based craftsmanship because it speaks to you in a way that either tells your story, or a story you adore.
Hence, the idea that owning considerable artwork to be framed around your home is an extension of yourself.
It’s also important to know that these expressions of self can also depend on your family and your mood, sometimes with the story of the original handmade paintings differing from room to room.
Yet, if you’re still struggling to find the true objectified personality of you within the form of artwork, have a look at my other blog; “Modern Art and Finding the Piece that Speaks to You”.
  1. You’re Contributing to the Continuation of Local Artists
A very important and behind-the-scenes benefit to – not just hanging wall art – but buying it. With your purchase, you could enable a local artist to further their creative craft and begin a snowball motion of full-time artistry.
While every artist is an artist, some may not have the right investment tools needed to remove themselves from the traditional 9-5 daily work commitments.
Yet, you’d be surprised at the significant and positive impact hanging a piece of artwork can do.
Who knows, your taste in art could be the same taste in art as your guests who are then empowered to also find the right piece of acrylic artwork that tells their story.
And the snowball continues to roll and grow.
  1. Artwork is the Pinnacle Spark for a Conversation Starter 
Often, the most beautiful of paintings to speak to your soul can offer very straightforward visualisation for you. Yet, you could have a guest invited who, maybe straight away and maybe after a couple of glasses, might turn around to ask if the painting is even the right way round.
In these cases, it’s often great to laugh and let the conversation flow.
Sometimes, the darkness of a painting emits emotions in your guests which also make for a great conversation starter. Other times, your chosen original handmade acrylic painting could simply leave someone speechless.
  1. Hanging Large Canvas Art Subconsciously Drives Away Anxieties 
The same can be said for the likes of depression and compulsive disorders.
Having a serene and still image of beauty to allow your eyes to wander across not only distracts you from a negative headspace, it can also be the driving force for triggering happy memories.
You can be reminded of people, memories, pets, experiences, previous homes and more. All of which, working together to relieve your body and mind of negative stresses.
While it might not sound true, the magic from original handmade paintings speak for themselves, so let them wield their power.
In order to maximise this particular secret benefit, you’ll want to know exactly how to frame your large canvas to create a statement and bring out your personality to its fullest. So, have a look at my other blog for some ideas; “Fun and Unique Ways to Frame Art in your Home”.
Being able to share these five secret benefits behind hanging original handmade paintings on your wall provides great joy through the passion for art in the hopes that you will find the right piece of art and harmonise with it in your living space.
Of course, there are even more; these five are simply a selection of favourites. Other benefits include being able to spark imagination and creativity in the minds of kids who can enjoy its presence. And, while it is not the key reason for splashing the cash on a masterpiece, it can provide a handy investment when your artist has flourished onto the global market.
  • Wow, it’s interesting to know how artwork could help reduce our anxiety and depression. Not long ago, I moved into another house, and I’m trying to decorate it to make it feel like home, so I’ll follow your advice and look for art pieces that make me feel happy and at peace. Thank you for explaining how artwork pieces could evoke a sense of peacefulness at your home.

    Eli Richardson on
  • It sure was helpful when you said that images of beauty could trigger you to remember happy memories and distract you from a negative headspace. With this in mind, I will have the artwork of my 7-year-old son framed. My goal is for the living room to showcase the painting skills that he got from his late father, so I will be sure to find a custom framing service.

    Shammy Peterson on
  • It was a great insight when you said that paintings can make us feel calm in an instant, freeing ourselves from the anxiety. I’ve been meaning to get a painting for my house, because I believe that it will add to its overall aesthetic. For a more deep dive, I’ll definitely hire professionals near my area who conduct science investigation for art works.

    Luke Smith on

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