Fun and Unique Ways to Frame Art in Your Home

Acquiring an acrylic painting, whether through an artist, through family or by any other means can be a momentous experience. You have something that tells a story by saying nothing at all.
Your next thought will always be towards knowing how to frame a canvas painting at home in a way that allows it to tell its story over and over.
So, I’ve gathered five of my favourite ways to frame acrylic artwork at home to use as inspiration for you to begin framing artwork:
  1. Use Wall Paint to Create Something New
A very 2021 trend is to paint a wall in a way that effortlessly draws attention to the artwork. It’s a fast and affordable DIY option only requiring paint, tape and a roller!
After choosing a white wall, analyse your painting to see which colours will compliment it. Then, head to your local DIY shop for the paint, tape the outline on your wall, dip the roller and get to work.
You’ll want minimalism such as two parallel lines that run from one side of the room to the other. You could even add a corner or two in the middle of the wall where you plan to be framing artwork.
  1. Decorate the Artwork with Flowers and Hanging Biophilia
With an elaborate acrylic painting on your hands, the best thing to do is find natural resources that truly compliment the style, size and colour of the piece.
One of the newest trends from interior designers that I love to take inspiration from is to hang greenery or flowers directly from the top of the naked wood-framed canvas.
With nothing but the painting and biophilia (P.S. spider plants, hanging ivy and eucalyptus work amazingly) you’ll have the perfect frame of nature. However, make sure they aren’t real plants as this can damage the acrylic or the varnish!
  1. Make Use of a Frame
Of course, there are still the standard options of how to frame a canvas painting at home. Nonetheless, they all hold their unique twist.
When it comes to traditional framing of an acrylic canvas, your mind might be drawn to the old-style golden bevelled edge frame. Yet, there are many other frame styles and modern twists to the standard frame that can be used to emphasize the beauty and story of artwork rather than contradict or distract.
Here’s a list of some favourite frames for you to ponder over in your journey to fun and unique ways to be framing artwork:
  • A Large Frame with Large White Mat
  • Acrylic Encasement
  • Handmade Reclaimed Wood
  • A Gilded Frame with Filigree
  • Mirrored Edges
  • Painted Bamboo Framing
  • Leather Frame with a Wood Canvas
  • A Customised or Engraved Frame
  • Minimalist Gold Square
  1. Expose Some Brick in Your Wall
If you’re someone who truly wants to frame your artwork with everything that’s around you, it could involve the aid of a sledgehammer.
Knowing how to frame a canvas painting at home doesn’t always need to be about adding something to the surrounding area to draw attention. It could also be about taking away.
If you have a white wall, plastered and painted onto stunning redbrick, then expose a chaotic amount of brick. Allow the ruffed-up edges of the plasterboard to remain and hang your wooden-canvas painting in your very own exposed-brick recessed wall.
  1. Create a Statement Wall
Lastly, consider creating an accent or statement wall designed around framing artwork. You can draw inspiration from every aspect of your home and personality to bring together colour, texture, furniture and life to create a true statement.
For more tips on creating an accent wall in your home, have a look at my other blog; “Using Art to Create a Statement Wall: Everything You Need to Know”.
And, there you have it; an artist’s guide to the many unique and wonderful ways you can begin to learn how to frame a canvas painting at home.
Yet, if you’re stuck at stage zero and haven’t even got the artwork you’d like to frame and tell a story with, have a gander at some of my recent pieces here at MadhavFineArt. I work with acrylic to depict everything beautiful from nature and sea life to the wild concrete jungles that surround us.

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