Using Art to Create a Statement Wall: Everything You Need to Know

The moment you walk through a door and into a room filled with art, colour, emotion, style and more is the moment you come to life. Your attention darts across the room looking from piece to piece thinking of a story and a personality that justifies its presence.

And, it’s understandable to want this for your home décor, too. Yet, knowing where to start can be a challenging prospect. Home décor needs thought, care, love, personality and trust.
After all, entering a room with four white walls drains the spirit of every inch of the beautiful life that makes up you. So, spice it up with that one wall. That one wall that screams in volume. That one wall that makes a true statement.
As an artist, creator and lover of fine abstract paintings, I want to share with you my personal experience of creating the perfect statement wall by starting with a piece of artwork.


  1. Choose Your Wall

While this entire blog is featured around using art to create a statement wall, before you can do anything else, you need to choose the right wall.

There are a few ways and reasons behind choosing a specific wall. Often, it is the wall opposite the door, making it the first thing you or a guest sees when they enter: extravagance.

Other times it can be useful to create a statement wall opposite the window allowing it to reap all the fantastic sunshine flooding into the room.

But, when you choose your wall, make sure it isn’t going to be the wall next to a TV; it can distract from the feng shui. So, try having the TV in a different room or on the wall directly opposite to your statement.


  1. Choose Your Painting

Once you have chosen your wall, it’s time to create the statement. And, this will always begin with your art piece centre-framed in the wall.

Whether you head for the stunning fashions of post-modern oil, the classics of watercolour or something different altogether with acrylic abstract paintings, your art piece needs to be shadow of you; an objectification of your personality and emotion.

When you have your statement piece, think about the size and the framing. Bigger might sometimes be better but this can depend on the character of your house. A wall with inlets and a fireplace can be just as effective of a statement wall with a small commission piece.

Finally, make sure the frame speaks volumes but doesn’t remove anything from the art itself. Many homeowners choose to keep their painting frame-free and stretched onto a canvas’ natural wooden frame for a clean and neutral tone.


  1. Choose Your Colour Scheme

After you’ve chosen your wall and your art, you need to think of a colour and a theme for your home décor. Don’t forget this is a statement wall; it can’t simply be left the same colour as the other three walls!

In a 2021 interior design-scape, many statement walls feature one of three themes: the bold colours of yellow, the dark and mysterious atmospheric tone of navy or the earthy hues of green.

But, don’t feel trapped into the idea that you have to spend a fortune and paint the entire wall. A statement wall needs to tell a story. If you want to create a half-wall feature, this can tell its own story of feeling, comfortability, flexibility and meaning. Plus, you get to save half the money on the paint cannister and draw more attention to your carefully chosen abstract painting.


  1. Choose Your Extras

A statement in home décor conveys your memo. This message could be to always appreciate the artistic elements, look towards the simplistic or tunnel passion to those that truly count.

In which case, you might not want to add any extras to your statement wall other than the splash of paint and, of course, the abstract paintings.

However, you may also want the message that releases all of your inner personalities where you’re screaming with love, singing with happiness or standing tall with strength.

So, to tell this story you might want to include optional extras into your home décor scene and around your artistic centrepiece.

Handmade paper stars, popular additions of Pampas grass, macrame art, a sideboard with planters and books, hanging ivy, minimalist clocks, funky mirrors and more.


  1. Choose Life

While I may be stealing this reference from a particular movie that doesn’t feature trains, it’s important to choose life for your wall. But, not just any life, your life.

Whether that means propping a mannequin at the edge of the wall, drilling fairy lights into the crease where your statement wall meets the ceiling or even taking the path of minimalism and leaving a blank canvas for pure speculation.

Bring the wall to life, give it a name and gaze with joy as it is something you’ve managed to snowball into magnificent home décor from one piece of abstract artistic flair.


With that, it finalises this guide of using art to create a statement wall for ultimate home décor. And, while this article is finished, your journey to the perfect statement wall with abstract paintings is just beginning.

Have a look at my portfolio of abstract, landscape, cityscape, seascape and music art to reign inspiration for your statement wall. Alternatively, get in touch for some more ideas about which piece might be best suited for you, your family and your home.

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