Using Art to Create a Statement Wall: Everything You Need to Know

The moment you walk through a door and into a room filled with art, colour, emotion, style and more is the moment you come to life. Your...
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Everything You Should Consider When You Decide to Buy Art

Buying original paintings is not an activity that can simply be done on a whim. There are considerations you need to factor-in before handing over the big...
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What is Acrylic Paint and Why Do Artists Use it?

Acrylic paintings are a stunning addition to any home, and whether you’re the person looking to create a vibrant and textured layer to home décor or you’re...
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Modern Art and Finding the Piece that Speaks to You

Since the beginning of the 19th century, art has transformed into something much more fluid, 3D and expressionist. With this, there have been numerous sub-genres of modern...
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The Secret Benefits Behind Hanging Original Handmade Paintings on Your Wall

Adorning your wall with a large canvas will always be accompanied by a wave of happiness. Where the happiness is an extension of both your feelings toward...
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Fun and Unique Ways to Frame Art in Your Home

Acquiring an acrylic painting, whether through an artist, through family or by any other means can be a momentous experience. You have something that tells a story...
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